Red Rose 2014: International Scout and Guide Camp

I’m part of the organising team for Red Rose 2014 – an international Scout and Guide camp being organised by West Lancs Scouts for next year from 26 July – 2 August 2014. It’s still early days in the planning but already it’s looking pretty exciting! It’s going to be an action-packed week at Westmorland County Showground near Kendal

My role is Head of Communications which covers the following areas:

  • Marketing the event – in West Lancs, across the UK and internationally
  • Communications with participants, staff and stakeholders
  • Branding the event, including turning an empty field into something that looks less empty – think banners, gateways, signage and more
  • Website and social media – you’d think considering my day job this would be easy but I’m learning new things in implementing the Red Rose website, Facebook page and Twitter account
  • VIP management – I think this is under me! Lots of showing people around site!
  • Internet cafe – this might not be mine either but I’m sure I’ll have an input into its running!
  • Public Relations – promoting Scouting (and Guiding – but mainly West Lancs Scouts!) through the running of a large high-adventure camp
  • “Red Rose Media” – this is the big one – we want radio, video, newspaper and website updates throughout the camp to create a buzz

Needless to say, it’s not going to be just me doing all this so I’m looking for a team to join me. If you think you’ve got skills to offer and the enthusiasm required to give up a week’s holiday to – effectively – work for free then get in touch with me via If you’re already a Scout or Guide then that’s great but if you’re not, and you fancy helping out in some way, that’s even better!






2 responses to “Red Rose 2014: International Scout and Guide Camp”

  1. vicks shark avatar
    vicks shark

    hey nige…i hav a pass to join in the fun this time…would need to investigste the girls joining me. ..even if its just for part of the week…but im defo up for it…give me a job!!!

    1. Mike Nolan avatar

      There’s going to be a creche type thing again for under 10s which sounded really good last time from the people I knew who had children in there. £25 including food is an absolute bargain for a week’s kids club!