My name is Michael Nolan and I’m a web developer turned management. I’m Head of Digital Services at the University of Liverpool.


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  1. Bruce Lewin avatar

    Dear Mike,

    Apologies for the random message from the tubes…

    I’m writing to say that I’ve just added your Delicious shared items to


    Hopefully its all simple enough to be understood – the idea is that once someone’s feed is added, the site automatically adds the publically tagged/shared stories to the particular topic, creating something of a human edited collection of interesting stories.

    The site is also an attempt to answer the question ‘what those in the know are reading right now’!!!

    Drop me a note if you’ve any questions or queries and if these actions are deeply offensive, no problem, I’ll just delete all the links and posts that have come from your feed…

    Ciao for now,


  2. Clint avatar

    email me please.

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