Domino’s coming to Ormskirk?

Domino's Ormskirk?

Domino's PizzaContinuing my series of posts about businesses that may or may not be coming to Ormskirk something interesting came into my inbox this morning. is a site which monitors council websites for planning applications in your specified areas and sends you an email when new applications appear. This morning one came up for 7 Aughton Street, Ormskirk:

Change of use to pizza takeaway. Installation of new shop front and air conditioning unit and extract duct to rear.

Interesting! Looking into the detail on West Lancashire Borough Council’s website shows the applicant as none other than Domino Pizza Group Ltd! Maybe I could become the Mayor on Foursquare and get a free pizza every Wednesday!

Is this Wetherspoons Ormskirk?

A few months ago there was an article in the Champion about Wethersoons looking for a location in Ormskirk. Could this opposite Four Seasons be the place:

Dear Mr Owens

Dear Mr Owens,

Thank you for your letter dated 26th April in response to my suggestion that you look into completing the survey from TheyWorkForYou. I noticed the Guardian today published a story about how a number of Conservative PPCs have refused to answer the questionnaire:

Many Conservatives had explained their failure to answer using an identical phrase: “Surveys like this can often simplify policies too far and might not properly represent the nuances of party policies.”

I’m sure you (and the other candidates who said this) have a point but I believe it’s missing the bigger issue at play. That is, if you wish to involve the public in government – the “Big Society” if you will – then being able to express your ideas in new ways that are more accessible to your electorate is essential.

The Conservative party have said some very encouraging things about using new technologies to “crowd source” policies yet when one comes along it is shunned.

On the specific issue of the survey from TheyWorkForYou, it has space for you to add comments for each question to go into more detail of your views. Maybe an alternative would be for me to meet you in person, record your answers on video and I’ll publish it online – that way you can get your message across in your own words?

Yours sincerely,

Michael Nolan

5th Ormskirk Scouts: Gone Home

5th Ormskirk Scouts

This place was a big part of my childhood. This is the location of 5th Ormskirk Scout Group, linked to the Parish Curch, hidden next to the graveyard from all but those in the know. I attended Cubs from age 8, then Scouts when I was 10½ before helping as a Leader up until I went to University.

The 5th didn’t have a Venture unit so I joined 9th Ormskirk (Christ Church, Aughton) and coming back to Ormskirk after University, a few of us started up an Explorer Unit in Parbold but the 5th is where my heart will always be.

It was sad to see 5th Ormskirk close ten years ago but changing populations in the town made it near impossible for three groups to survive and prosper. A few weeks ago, the building having stood empty for years was finally demolished.

5th Ormskirk Scouts

It was strange going back to see the space where the hut once stood but this isn’t a time to look back with regret, as Lord Baden Powell once said:

Scouting is a movement because it keeps on moving forward.

If it stops moving it becomes an organisation and is no longer scouting!

Elsewhere in the District things certainly are moving forward. By the summer there will be a fantastic new Scout and Guide headquarters in Parbold. Plans for a new District Headquarters are under-way in Lathom. Nationally, the number of young people enjoying Scouting is growing.

So here’s to 5th Ormskirk – gone home but not forgotten.